Earl Grey Pound Cake

Jun 22, 2014, under Food, Tea Recipes

Earl Grey black tea is one of the most popular afternoon tea. Adding Earl Grey into the traditional pound cake gives the cake a delightful fragrance, as well as making the cake less heavy to […]

Yum Cha Insider Guide

Jun 22, 2014, under Culture, News, Tea Lifestyle

Many experience tea the first time from a Chinese restaurant. I did too – I don’t remember my first experience of tea at home, but I remember it along with my childhood favourite dim-sum, barbeque […]

Jasmine Dragon Pearls White Tea

Jun 09, 2014, under News, Types

I hope you have NOT been fooled. We hear this all the time, when a customer comes to us, looking for Buddha Tears. Jasmine Dragon PearlsĀ is often marketed as Buddha Tears. In the world of […]