Healthier Chocolate Milk Tea

Oct 25, 2015, under Culture, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle

I’m talking about a chocolate milk tea that is more organic but if you are looking for something made with a brewed tea base, milk and chocolate powder we also have that below this article. The chocolate tea I […]

What You Need To Know About Chocolate Teas

Oct 23, 2015, under Articles, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, You Asked Us

Last week, I had introduced chocolate teas to you. These Chocoholic teas: Choc Spice Chocolate Lapacho Cocoa Haven Daydream Samba Tahiti  are gems to any chocoholic and tea lover. I thought they deserve the spotlight. But […]

6 Chocolate Teas for Chocoholic Tea Lovers

Oct 18, 2015, under Articles, Is Tea Good For You, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle

Chocolate is a pleasurable indulgence that is actually existence among tea blends! This great way to enjoy authentic tea from loose leaf tea and real chocolate in the form of cacao nibs is one of […]

Rose infused Panna Cotta

Oct 17, 2015, under Food, Tea is Fun, Tea Recipes

This is a beautiful variation of Panna Cotta with a floral touch. Great afternoon tea delight. Tips: Soak rose petals in hot milk to bring out the flavour. Don’t boil them as this will make […]

Does Chocolate Tea Really Exist?

Oct 16, 2015, under Glossary, Is Tea Good For You, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Types

Have you heard of a thing called chocolate tea and wondered “what is that thing? There’s no such thing is there”? Well I’m here to tell you, yes Chocolate Tea exists. If you have followed […]

7 Healthier Homemade Iced Teas

Oct 11, 2015, under Articles, Drinks, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes, Tea Videos

Commercial iced tea may be easy to grab in the nearest convenience store but most of the time it is packed with sugar (even sometimes on a very bad level — check here to read […]

Hojicha: The Coffee Addicts’ First Step To Rehabilitation

Oct 09, 2015, under Articles, Culture, Is Tea Good For You, Library, News, Tea Lifestyle, Types

If you need your caffeine but have to quit coffee, try Hojicha (haw-gee-cha). I have met one too many coffee addicts who have suffered gastrointestinal problems due to overconsumption and abuse of coffee. You know […]

5 Green Teas You Should Try

Oct 04, 2015, under Is Tea Good For You, Library, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Types

Green tea is one of the types of tea that is well-loved among connoiseurs and occassional fans.  Now, I want to add more reasons why people should love green tea even more. I’m not going to […]

Chinese Puerh Tea Eggs Recipe

Oct 02, 2015, under Culture, Food, Library, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes

Puerh tea eggs is one of the traditional tea cuisine delicacies from China. The Puerh tea cuts down the heaviness in hard boiled eggs with wonderful fragrance. In the old days when life was less rushed, […]