Australian Tea Guides

Every year we put a little love in creating the Australian Tea Guide.

This annual tea book features top tea drinking locations in Australia, as well as many tea related topics, such as white tea, oolong, green tea, detoxing herbs, brewing, high tea and tea recipes.
It’s aimed at anybody wanting to get (more) into tea, and not afraid to try something new.
When we first started writing the book, I was the writer, the photographer, the graphic designer and everything else.
Now into the 8th edition (2014), we enjoy the input of many of our good friends and wholesale customers sharing their expertise.
This year (2014) is no different! Here are our topic worklist. Can you give us your feedback?
Brain Drink
Tea and Pregnancy
Mindful Tea Drinking
Pyramid tea bags and why I don’t sell or buy them
Sweet Tea
Tea Recipes
Tea and Curries
Grade of Matcha + Japanese tea ceremony
Blokes Tea

Salina Hainzl Salina Hainzl (108 Posts)

Salina is a little tea crazy. Her first drink experiment was a green orange juice that she gave to his brother when she was 12. No sibling was harmed in the process, and though she failed chemistry as a school subject, she continues to love food and spend lots of time tea mixing.