What is Oolong (wu-long)

Dec 14, 2014, under Articles, Types

The short answer: Wu-long / oolong / wu long is all the same thing. It is the name of a tea category. Drink by itself (not with milk). Large full leaf. Some celebrities swear by […]

Teabags vs Loose Leaf Tea

Mar 07, 2014, under Culture, Library

There’s a lot of talk about why leaf teas (such as “loose-leaf tea” and “whole-leaf tea”) are better than teabags. While some of it is true, most of it is made up of broad generalizations, […]

Mung Bean Porridge with Ginger Syrup

Mar 06, 2014, under Food

As the cooler breeze is heralding the beginning of autumn, it’s time to have something replentishing the system after all of those BBQs and iced drinks. In Chinese medicine, Mung Bean is used to cool […]

Tales from the Tearoom: anti-densi-tea

Jan 26, 2014, under Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to shady Sydney and then some. Sydney is supposed to be the most expensive city in the world to live. If you actually live here, you wouldn’t know it. I mean, you get people […]

Tales from the tearoom: Mr Nicetea

Jan 16, 2014, under Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to Sydney. Glorious Sydney where you can get a cup of tea in every teahouse, cafe and Aussie Hotel for around five smackers, but is the brew worth its due? Sometimes it is and […]

Did you send me expired tea

Jan 08, 2014, under News

Recent customers please note Orders went out from 6/1/14 to 8/1/14 If you have received orders with best before year showing 2014, please be sure that we did pack it fresh to your order. The […]

Green Tea

Jan 01, 2014, under News

Happy New Year! Are you thinking of drinking more green tea this year for health? Green tea is probably the most talked about tea category because of many health related researches as well as greatly […]

Little Red Ridinghood

Dec 29, 2013, under Drinks

Strawberry and pineapple – an indulgent tropical mix to impress your guests! Kids friendly! Do we got your attention? Do you want to make the Little Red Ridinghood? Visit Teas.com.au for the tea ingredient.

Tales from the Tearoom: Chado

Dec 27, 2013, under Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to a beautifully wet Sydney. The plants are drinking and we have a gentle reprieve from the coming blistering summer. Now is the time to celebrate and enjoy what Heaven is sending us: Sweet […]

Tales from the Tearoom 18

Dec 10, 2013, under News, Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to Sydney: Keep calm and drink tea. You’ve got to wonder: Can tea keep you calm? I believe it can. And even if you don’t like the stuff (shame on you), just taking some […]

Tales from the Tearoom 16: Taiwanese Oolong

Dec 03, 2013, under News, Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to burning Sydney and a few degrees hotter. And it is hotter. I had plans to write this blog entry during the day but it was too hot and I was too sleepy. So […]

Matcha Tiramisu

Nov 30, 2013, under Food

Matcha Tiramisu is possibly one of the best east-west hybrid desserts. It’s richness is cut down by the matcha green tea, while remaining silky smooth and irresistible. (makes a 7″ cake) For the tea ingredients […]

Tales from the Tearoom 15

Nov 25, 2013, under News, Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to Sydney: The land of perpetual summer. Yes. That’s right folks. It’s only October and already we are in bleeding hot summer. I can’t wait for the high season of January-February, when the temperature […]

Banana Tea Smoothie

Nov 21, 2013, under Drinks

A slight variation on the standard Banana Smoothie. Still yummy but a little less heavy. If you like to have it chilled, then chill all ingredients before mixing. Alternatively make it with hot tea and […]

Tales from the Tearoom 29: Assam with evaporated milk

Nov 20, 2013, under News, Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to a better world. Up till now I have always started my blog entry with “welcome to [sic…] Sydney…”. But today I feel I should acknowledge the rest of the world. In particular that […]

Tales from the Tearoom 14

Nov 20, 2013, under News, Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to another sunny day in Sydney and then some. It’s a beautiful day Sydney: The sky is blue and the grass is green. I am out on my balcony, glorious balcony, and playing dominoes […]

Azuki Red Bean Gelato and Matcha Granita

Nov 14, 2013, under Food

A twist to two traditional desserts – Japanese matcha icecream with red bean paste and Italian traditional vanilla gelato recipe. This tasty treat is quite sweet in the old world dessert way, and refreshng after […]

Tales from the Tearoom 13

Nov 12, 2013, under News, Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to tranquil Sydney and Zen. Would you like a cup of tea? Recently somebody, after reading a couple of my Tales from the Tearoom posts, made the announcement that they do not like tea […]

Tales from the Tearoom 12

Nov 07, 2013, under Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to Sydney. Today I took out my trusty old Zisha teapot and brewed myself a nice strong cup of oolong tea. When it was ready, I poured two little Zisha cups. Gave one to […]

Tales from the Tearoom 09

Nov 04, 2013, under News, Tea Lifestyle

Welcome to burning hot Sydney and a welcome hot spa. In Japan, traditional spas are called onsen. And right about now, it would be supremely nice to enjoying onsen! But I am at work and […]

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