Rose infused Panna Cotta

Oct 17, 2015, under Food, Tea is Fun, Tea Recipes

This is a beautiful variation of Panna Cotta with a floral touch. Great afternoon tea delight. Tips: Soak rose petals in hot milk to bring out the flavour. Don’t boil them as this will make […]

Loose leaf tea vs tea bag

Sep 26, 2015, under Culture

Many say making tea with tea bag is much quicker / easier than loose leaf tea. Is that true.? If you are time poor, which tea should you drink? Firstly what is the difference between […]

Matcha and Japanese tea ceremony

Sep 15, 2015, under Culture

Matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony go hand in hand. Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, Sado or simply Ocha in Japanese. This choreographic ritual of preparing and serving the Japanese Matcha green tea with absolute precision and […]

FACT: teabag not cheaper or more convenient

Jan 24, 2015, under Library, News, Types

If you want to enjoy tea, whether it is for a healthier you, or enjoyment, here are the reason you should move to leaf tea. It is a lot more convenient and cheaper than you […]

Rinse Tea

Sep 27, 2014, under Culture, Library, News

Some never does it, others always do. What is a tea drinker to do? Is tea dirty? Need to wash before your drinking pleasure? Rinsing tea leaves is not my thing, but each time I take […]

Tea for Dad / Blokes

Aug 21, 2014, under Culture, Library, News, Types

Father’s Day is just around the corner. While most dads may not complain about another round of socks and ties, we reckon it’s time to be a tiny bit more original in the gift-giving – […]

Does tea expire

Aug 10, 2014, under Library, News, Types

If I tell you, I may end up selling you less tea, but hey, I am an honest kind of gal, so here is the answer to the question of, “Does tea expire?”

Earl Grey Pound Cake

Jun 22, 2014, under Food, Tea Recipes

Earl Grey black tea is one of the most popular afternoon tea. Adding Earl Grey into the traditional pound cake gives the cake a delightful fragrance, as well as making the cake less heavy to […]

Yum Cha Insider Guide

Jun 22, 2014, under Culture, News, Tea Lifestyle

Many experience tea the first time from a Chinese restaurant. I did too – I don’t remember my first experience of tea at home, but I remember it along with my childhood favourite dim-sum, barbeque […]

Jasmine Dragon Pearls White Tea

Jun 09, 2014, under News, Types

I hope you have NOT been fooled. We hear this all the time, when a customer comes to us, looking for Buddha Tears. Jasmine Dragon Pearls is often marketed as Buddha Tears. In the world of […]

Matcha cream cheese quick bread

May 25, 2014, under Food, Tea Recipes

Makes 6 buns Quick bread from start to serve in ah hour! This is one of the quickest and tastiest bread I have ever made. The sticky dough keeps the bread moist.   These buns […]

Matcha Pistachio Choc-Chip Cookies

May 18, 2014, under Food

A nice touch to your usual treat. Reduce your heat and bake a tiny bit longer so you can keep the nice green colour from the Matcha Green tea powder. Makes 12.

Tea for Her, and Ready to blend your own tea?

May 03, 2014, under News

Having tea with mum? We often associate tea drinking to a more gentil, feminine image in the western world. From my quick research, there are some conflicting stats – some seems to suggest women tea consumption […]

Chinese Flower Tea

Apr 28, 2014, under Curios, Types

Flowers are more than meet the eyes, or the nose! In fact, some flowers are very drinkable. Flower tea almost seem to possess some sort of magical power. It is fragrant, and soothing. In this video, […]

Where to Buy Tea in Australia

Apr 15, 2014, under Types

  In the above video: Wanting to buy tea? There are many teashops out there and also there are online shops like us now. So where to buy tea in Australia or where is the […]

Australian Tea Guides

Apr 12, 2014, under Types

Every year we put a little love in creating the Australian Tea Guide. This annual tea book features top tea drinking locations in Australia, as well as many tea related topics, such as white tea, […]

Can you help please?

Apr 08, 2014, under News

I used to think multi-tasking is good skill to have, but multi-tasking actually creates difficulties to achieve optimal results. That’s how we realise there is so much wisdom in making tea from tea leaf. Leaf […]

Hello, is it Love that you are looking for

Mar 14, 2014, under Culture, News

Without doing a terrible Lionel Richie impersonation, I would like to ask you, “Why tea?” Yes, of all beverages in this entire universe, why drink the humble tea? Achieve balance? Certainly getting pretty hard. All […]

Relax with Tea

Mar 13, 2014, under Library, News, Types

Tea is a self expression. In a world of bings, dings and rings, it is so hard to unplug, be still and just relax.  Yet this is so important as part of one’s journey to […]

5 Tea You Should Try This Year

Feb 28, 2014, under News, Types

Recently I heard this: If you treat your friends like the way you treat yourself, you won’t have any friends left! This is quite true! We often forget to take care of “little old me”. […]

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