Tea for Her, and Ready to blend your own tea?

Mr T having tea with grannyHaving tea with mum?

We often associate tea drinking to a more gentil, feminine image in the western world.

From my quick research, there are some conflicting stats – some seems to suggest women tea consumption higher than men and some the other way round.

Either way, we can all agree that tea goes a long way to help us stay health, men AND women.

One thing I also really like about tea is that it is a wonderful practical gift.

In Chinese culture, tea are given to guests and elders as a sign of respect, wishing them good health.

There are so many choices from standard everyday fare to exotic, unusual chocolate tea or berry infusions. Choices are endless.

My mum is a traditionalist, so Assam Dikom is her thing. But I know many others would rather have rose to relax, or for young mums, perhaps Sensuous Woman to take care of themselves.

So why not give mum some tea (Mother’s Day or not). Maybe even sit down and have a cuppa with her.

Maybe take her out to our upcoming tea blending workshop*?

Go on, reconnect.

Tell your mum I read a newsletter to tell me to have tea with you.

lady drinking tea


Tea blending workshop

Thanks everyone pitching in their suggestions on the upcoming workshop we plan to hold in metro Sydney. The theme we are thinking of at this point is

Tea Blending for Fun and Health

We will be working with herbalist Joanne Marks to bring you this fun and interactive workshop on different types of tea and herbs. Then you will be let loose to plan with over 20 herbs and teas to blend your own – whether it is for health with Joanne’s help, or for great flavours, with Salina, your leaf tea specialist. 

Tentative date is 31 May 2014, Saturday afternoon. 

If you would like to express your interest in attending, please email us now – this will help us to lock in details for the event. THANK YOU 🙂

Hope to see you soon, and have great fun together blending YOUR tea.

Salina Hainzl Salina Hainzl (108 Posts)

Salina is a little tea crazy. Her first drink experiment was a green orange juice that she gave to his brother when she was 12. No sibling was harmed in the process, and though she failed chemistry as a school subject, she continues to love food and spend lots of time tea mixing.