Let’s Go Matcha Crazy

Matcha has taken the world by storm!

Matcha Snacks

Matcha Snacks such as cookies, green tea latte mix, Kitkats are now seen in a lot of stores.

Macdonalds has Matcha soft serve and Starbucks has Matcha Frappe and Latte.

Even Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are drinking Matcha latte.


The matcha craze continues to grow. Many brands have create Matcha green tea products.

Starbucks green tea latte is almost as famous as their tall grande coffee.  MacDonalds now serves green tea soft-served ice cream in Asia.  Even the big brands that have caught on the matcha craze.

So we can safely say Matcha crazy is ON!

These are only a few matcha and green tea infused products.

While it is natural to have Matcha in food products, it is also interesting and even surprising to find Matcha in some unexpected applications.

Matcha foot patch to detox? Matcha facial mask? How about Matcha Beer?

So yeah, WE LOVE MATCHA! 🙂

This article is part of the “Explore Matcha” mini series. It is designed to give you short and sweet dose of tea info.

Explore Matcha series covers –

  • What is Matcha
  • Matcha, Traditionally
  • Matcha Recipes (kitkat, tiramisu and more)
  • Let’s Go Matcha Crazy

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