Cool Off with Refreshing Vacation Mode Summer Iced Tea You Can Make

Jan 17, 2016, under Articles, Culture, Drinks, Library, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes

Be able to reach for thirst-quenching and cooling summer iced tea that will make you feel like you have escaped to a different country. Feel like you are feeling a beach breeze in this very […]

Healthier Chocolate Milk Tea

Oct 25, 2015, under Culture, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle

I’m talking about a chocolate milk tea that is more organic but if you are looking for something made with a brewed tea base, milk and chocolate powder we also have that below this article. The chocolate tea I […]

Hojicha: The Coffee Addicts’ First Step To Rehabilitation

Oct 09, 2015, under Articles, Culture, Is Tea Good For You, Library, News, Tea Lifestyle, Types

If you need your caffeine but have to quit coffee, try Hojicha (haw-gee-cha). I have met one too many coffee addicts who have suffered gastrointestinal problems due to overconsumption and abuse of coffee. You know […]

Chinese Puerh Tea Eggs Recipe

Oct 02, 2015, under Culture, Food, Library, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes

Puerh tea eggs is one of the traditional tea cuisine delicacies from China. The Puerh tea cuts down the heaviness in hard boiled eggs with wonderful fragrance. In the old days when life was less rushed, […]

Loose leaf tea vs tea bag

Sep 26, 2015, under Culture

Many say making tea with tea bag is much quicker / easier than loose leaf tea. Is that true.? If you are time poor, which tea should you drink? Firstly what is the difference between […]

Matcha and Japanese tea ceremony

Sep 15, 2015, under Culture

Matcha and the Japanese tea ceremony go hand in hand. Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, Sado or simply Ocha in Japanese. This choreographic ritual of preparing and serving the Japanese Matcha green tea with absolute precision and […]

5 Interesting Youtube Videos That Show Tea is FUN

Jun 10, 2015, under Culture, Library, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Videos

YouTube videos have increased through the years and videos about tea are definitely not an exception. Creativity (probably induced by the caffeine in the tea they have been drinking) have been showcased in these videos, showing […]

Major Health Trend Alert: Matcha Green Tea Everything

Jun 02, 2015, under Culture, Is Tea Good For You, Library, News, Tea Lifestyle

Yahoo Health posted an article last January 19, 2015, that is still very relevant to the world of tea. Matcha, a very recognizable tea that emerged from the cupboards of Japan to groceries around the […]

Rinse Tea

Sep 27, 2014, under Culture, Library, News

Some never does it, others always do. What is a tea drinker to do? Is tea dirty? Need to wash before your drinking pleasure? Rinsing tea leaves is not my thing, but each time I take […]

Tea for Dad / Blokes

Aug 21, 2014, under Culture, Library, News, Types

Father’s Day is just around the corner. While most dads may not complain about another round of socks and ties, we reckon it’s time to be a tiny bit more original in the gift-giving – […]

Yum Cha Insider Guide

Jun 22, 2014, under Culture, News, Tea Lifestyle

Many experience tea the first time from a Chinese restaurant. I did too – I don’t remember my first experience of tea at home, but I remember it along with my childhood favourite dim-sum, barbeque […]

Why Leaf Tea is Better than Teabag

Apr 29, 2014, under Culture, Tea Lifestyle

In the above video: Good ol’ teabags, well they have been around for a little while. Of course tea really started being enjoyed as just loose leaf form and through industrialization, tea bags become this […]

Hello, is it Love that you are looking for

Mar 14, 2014, under Culture, News

Without doing a terrible Lionel Richie impersonation, I would like to ask you, “Why tea?” Yes, of all beverages in this entire universe, why drink the humble tea? Achieve balance? Certainly getting pretty hard. All […]

Teabags vs Loose Leaf Tea

Mar 07, 2014, under Culture, Library

There’s a lot of talk about why leaf teas (such as “loose-leaf tea” and “whole-leaf tea”) are better than teabags. While some of it is true, most of it is made up of broad generalizations, […]

White Tea – Silver Needle

Feb 04, 2014, under Culture, Types

[embedyt][/embedyt] In the above video: Anybody know what it is, its not milk with your tea. White tea, let me show you…it is and this one kind of white tea called it Silver Needle. White […]

Looking for teabags…

Jan 28, 2014, under Culture, Tea Lifestyle

Looking for teabags? You may be looking for the big names like Twinning, Lipton, Tetley, TWG, or others like Abeya Gold, T2, or Dilmah? That’s the sort of tea flooded the mass market and for […]

Australia Day – Drink More Tea?

Jan 27, 2014, under Culture, News

Oi, Where is my tea, mate? So how’s your Australia Day long weekend? I smell BBQ everywhere I go. I wonder how many of these meals are now served with some cold iced tea, rather […]

The Tea Room list

Jan 22, 2014, under Culture

I am super thrilled to find this list. At last, something useful coming out from staring at facebook 😉 This is going to be my mission to try as many of these places as possible. […]

Madonna and Matcha Tiramisu

Nov 30, 2013, under Culture, Food

What is Madonna and Matcha Tiramisu have in common? Since I was a teenager, I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients – it all started with the green orange juice (which I mentioned in Tea […]

What is Matcha Green Tea

May 14, 2012, under Culture, News

Matcha Green Tea Powder Matcha has taken the world by storm! It has the reputation as the energy powerhouse, the essence for solemn tea ceremony, as well as the perfect ingredient to “easternise” Kit Kat! […]