Does Chocolate Tea Really Exist?

Oct 16, 2015, under Glossary, Is Tea Good For You, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Types

Have you heard of a thing called chocolate tea and wondered “what is that thing? There’s no such thing is there”? Well I’m here to tell you, yes Chocolate Tea exists. If you have followed […]

Hojicha: The Coffee Addicts’ First Step To Rehabilitation

Oct 09, 2015, under Articles, Culture, Is Tea Good For You, Library, News, Tea Lifestyle, Types

If you need your caffeine but have to quit coffee, try Hojicha (haw-gee-cha). I have met one too many coffee addicts who have suffered gastrointestinal problems due to overconsumption and abuse of coffee. You know […]

5 Green Teas You Should Try

Oct 04, 2015, under Is Tea Good For You, Library, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Types

Green tea is one of the types of tea that is well-loved among connoiseurs and occassional fans.  Now, I want to add more reasons why people should love green tea even more. I’m not going to […]

FACT: teabag not cheaper or more convenient

Jan 24, 2015, under Library, News, Types

If you want to enjoy tea, whether it is for a healthier you, or enjoyment, here are the reason you should move to leaf tea. It is a lot more convenient and cheaper than you […]

What is Oolong (wu-long)

Dec 14, 2014, under Articles, Types

The short answer: Wu-long / oolong / wu long is all the same thing. It is the name of a tea category. Drink by itself (not with milk). Large full leaf. Some celebrities swear by […]

Tea for Dad / Blokes

Aug 21, 2014, under Culture, Library, News, Types

Father’s Day is just around the corner. While most dads may not complain about another round of socks and ties, we reckon it’s time to be a tiny bit more original in the gift-giving – […]

Does tea expire

Aug 10, 2014, under Library, News, Types

If I tell you, I may end up selling you less tea, but hey, I am an honest kind of gal, so here is the answer to the question of, “Does tea expire?”

Jasmine Dragon Pearls White Tea

Jun 09, 2014, under News, Types

I hope you have NOT been fooled. We hear this all the time, when a customer comes to us, looking for Buddha Tears. Jasmine Dragon Pearls is often marketed as Buddha Tears. In the world of […]

Most Requested Teas

May 02, 2014, under Library, Types, Useful Links

In the above video: Hello, I wanted to talk to you about the most requested teas. Underneath the Most Wanted tab, you will actually find some of these popular ones. These are the ones that […]

Chinese Flower Tea

Apr 28, 2014, under Curios, Types

Flowers are more than meet the eyes, or the nose! In fact, some flowers are very drinkable. Flower tea almost seem to possess some sort of magical power. It is fragrant, and soothing. In this video, […]

White Tea vs. Green Tea

Apr 17, 2014, under Types

There is a growing trend of drinking white tea over green tea. White tea used to be reserved for VIPs in China. However, these days you can buy white tea in most good tea specialists. Buying […]

Where to Buy Tea in Australia

Apr 15, 2014, under Types

  In the above video: Wanting to buy tea? There are many teashops out there and also there are online shops like us now. So where to buy tea in Australia or where is the […]

Australian Tea Guides

Apr 12, 2014, under Types

Every year we put a little love in creating the Australian Tea Guide. This annual tea book features top tea drinking locations in Australia, as well as many tea related topics, such as white tea, […]

Relax with Tea

Mar 13, 2014, under Library, News, Types

Tea is a self expression. In a world of bings, dings and rings, it is so hard to unplug, be still and just relax.  Yet this is so important as part of one’s journey to […]

5 Tea You Should Try This Year

Feb 28, 2014, under News, Types

Recently I heard this: If you treat your friends like the way you treat yourself, you won’t have any friends left! This is quite true! We often forget to take care of “little old me”. […]

White Tea – Silver Needle

Feb 04, 2014, under Culture, Types

[embedyt][/embedyt] In the above video: Anybody know what it is, its not milk with your tea. White tea, let me show you…it is and this one kind of white tea called it Silver Needle. White […]

Puerh Introduction

Jan 30, 2014, under Types

Pu-erh (Pu’erh / Puerh / Pu er / Po Lei ), is referred by some as the “Vintage tea”. In fact, Pu-erh that has not celebrated its 1st birthday is hardly drinkable. Older Puerh cakes […]

Aged Puerh Cakes

Jan 30, 2014, under Types

Imagine drinking fresh tea – the beautiful tea aroma slowly releasing its steamy power… it’s almost mesmerizing… BUT, in the case of Pu-erh cake, I beg to differ. Yes, I exclaim, I LOVE IT OLD! A good […]

What is English Breakfast Tea

Jan 22, 2014, under Types

In the above video: Hi, Salina from Irish breakfast, English breakfast, Australian breakfast, Scottish breakfast? Hmmm… I think there are a few more? Sydney breakfast, Melbourne breakfast… Well look, you know, My Breakfast, I […]

What is Mulberry Tea?

Jan 21, 2014, under Types

Mulberry tree belongs to the family of Morus (a class of flowering plants that belongs to the family of Moraceae), the leaves of the mulberry tree produces a natural, caffeine-free drink, the Mulberry Tea. The […]