Cool Off with Refreshing Vacation Mode Summer Iced Tea You Can Make

Jan 17, 2016, under Articles, Culture, Drinks, Library, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes

Be able to reach for thirst-quenching and cooling summer iced tea that will make you feel like you have escaped to a different country. Feel like you are feeling a beach breeze in this very […]

Rose infused Panna Cotta

Oct 17, 2015, under Food, Tea is Fun, Tea Recipes

This is a beautiful variation of Panna Cotta with a floral touch. Great afternoon tea delight. Tips: Soak rose petals in hot milk to bring out the flavour. Don’t boil them as this will make […]

7 Healthier Homemade Iced Teas

Oct 11, 2015, under Articles, Drinks, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes, Tea Videos

Commercial iced tea may be easy to grab in the nearest convenience store but most of the time it is packed with sugar (even sometimes on a very bad level — check here to read […]

Chinese Puerh Tea Eggs Recipe

Oct 02, 2015, under Culture, Food, Library, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes

Puerh tea eggs is one of the traditional tea cuisine delicacies from China. The Puerh tea cuts down the heaviness in hard boiled eggs with wonderful fragrance. In the old days when life was less rushed, […]

Earl Grey Creme Brulee Recipe

Sep 27, 2015, under Food, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes

The classic Creme Brulee is one of the most popular desserts in Australia. Try this refreshing change with a touch of bergamot from the Earl Grey tea.   INGREDIENTS (serves 2-4) ■ 1 cup Heavy Cream […]

Top 5 Matcha Recipes We Love Most

Sep 16, 2015, under Drinks, Food, Library, Tea is Fun, Tea Recipes

Matcha is an A-list celebrity among chefs! Matcha is by far the easiest and versatile tea to use in sweet and savoury dishes. This time we are going to show you some of our favourite […]

MATCHA BIGKAT: Giant Matcha Kitkat Dupe Recipe

Sep 11, 2015, under Food, Library, News, Tea is Fun, Tea Recipes

Once you have tried it you will want to have more. Matcha kitkats is among unique delights you can find exclusively from Japan. My aunt who went on a Japan tour last year came home with […]

Love for Matcha Will Keep Going Strong

Aug 30, 2015, under Drinks, Is Tea Good For You, Library, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes

Matcha by golly wow… You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for forever. This is how I describe my first time falling in love with matcha.   WHEN I MET MATCHA I remember that fateful […]

3 Delicious Milk Tea Recipes in YouTube videos

Jun 12, 2015, under Drinks, Library, Tea is Fun, Tea Lifestyle, Tea Recipes, Tea Videos

Need ideas on which milk tea recipes to try? Perfect, because I wanted to share my favorite three: (1) Chai Tea – Sruthi’s Kitchen Chai Tea was my first tea love and so, you can […]

Earl Grey Pound Cake

Jun 22, 2014, under Food, Tea Recipes

Earl Grey black tea is one of the most popular afternoon tea. Adding Earl Grey into the traditional pound cake gives the cake a delightful fragrance, as well as making the cake less heavy to […]

Matcha cream cheese quick bread

May 25, 2014, under Food, Tea Recipes

Makes 6 buns Quick bread from start to serve in ah hour! This is one of the quickest and tastiest bread I have ever made. The sticky dough keeps the bread moist.   These buns […]

Matcha Pistachio Choc-Chip Cookies

May 18, 2014, under Food

A nice touch to your usual treat. Reduce your heat and bake a tiny bit longer so you can keep the nice green colour from the Matcha Green tea powder. Makes 12.

Mung Bean Porridge with Ginger Syrup

Mar 06, 2014, under Food

As the cooler breeze is heralding the beginning of autumn, it’s time to have something replentishing the system after all of those BBQs and iced drinks. In Chinese medicine, Mung Bean is used to cool […]

Matcha Braided Bread

Jan 10, 2014, under Food, Tea Recipes

I found this amazing looking Braided Nutella Bread from Inspired by Charm via Pinterest a few days ago and decided to give it a go today as part of the kids ONLY friday 😉 As some of […]

Little Red Ridinghood

Dec 29, 2013, under Drinks

Strawberry and pineapple – an indulgent tropical mix to impress your guests! Kids friendly! Do we got your attention? Do you want to make the Little Red Ridinghood? Visit for the tea ingredient.

Madonna and Matcha Tiramisu

Nov 30, 2013, under Culture, Food

What is Madonna and Matcha Tiramisu have in common? Since I was a teenager, I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients – it all started with the green orange juice (which I mentioned in Tea […]

Matcha Tiramisu

Nov 30, 2013, under Food

Matcha Tiramisu is possibly one of the best east-west hybrid desserts. It’s richness is cut down by the matcha green tea, while remaining silky smooth and irresistible. (makes a 7″ cake) For the tea ingredients […]

It’s brain freeze time!

Nov 25, 2013, under Drinks, News

Banana Tea Smoothie

Nov 21, 2013, under Drinks

A slight variation on the standard Banana Smoothie. Still yummy but a little less heavy. If you like to have it chilled, then chill all ingredients before mixing. Alternatively make it with hot tea and […]

Azuki Red Bean Gelato and Matcha Granita

Nov 14, 2013, under Food

A twist to two traditional desserts – Japanese matcha icecream with red bean paste and Italian traditional vanilla gelato recipe. This tasty treat is quite sweet in the old world dessert way, and refreshng after […]