Summer Detox

Dec 14, 2004, under Drinks

If you like sour stuff, this drink is for you. Great summer refreshment! Click Hibiscus Flower and Cleanse to buy the ingredients.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Dec 13, 2004, under Drinks

There are a lot of stories about how to make this silky-smooth favourite cup from this buzzing oriental city. We don’t pretend to be the experts, but we can tell you this: absolutely elementary ingredients […]

White Chocolate Rooibos

Dec 12, 2004, under Drinks

Organic Rooibos is available on our website, just click the link

Wedding Punch

Dec 12, 2004, under Drinks

This refreshing beverage has lots of tropical flavour. Simply a great classic! Buy English Breakfast on our website for your Wedding Punch. Visit us at

Watermelon Pina Colada Crush

Dec 12, 2004, under Drinks

Great thirst quencher for the hot summer days. Great colour with added colour. Great drink to go with your BBQ! Pina Colada ingredient is available at our website.

Throat Soother

Dec 12, 2004, under Drinks

Osmanthus was regarded as an imperial herb in ancient Chinese cooking. It is very fragrant even when a small portion is used. Filtered infusion works well in desserts. Good for sore throat and scratchy voice. […]

The Red Wall

Dec 12, 2004, under Drinks

Hibiscus has been used to treat indigestion, dissolve phlegm and lower cholestrol. Its infusion has a tangy taste and stunning ruby colour. it is great cocktail/mocktail ingredient! Hibiscus Tea is available at our website, click […]

Thai Iced Tea

Dec 12, 2004, under Drinks

This tea just great for quenching summer thirst. There are many variation on this classic number, this one is probably the most basic. You can experiment with coconut milk or add milk or cinnamon to […]

Tea-spiked cocktails

Dec 12, 2004, under Drinks

Afternoon tea is usually associated with china cups and saucers, but the Boston Park Plaza has added snifters, tumblers, and martini glasses to the tea ware, vessels more appropriate for offerings such as a jasmine-white […]


Dec 12, 2004, under Drinks

A simple tea to make to impress your guests! Lychee Red Black Tea available at our website. Click the link.

Cool Moo

Dec 08, 2004, under Drinks

Enjoy!  The ingredients are available at our website. Take a look around and see at

Coco Pina Colada

Dec 07, 2004, under Drinks

A fantastic tropical taste summer quencher! Visit our website for tea ingredients.

Late Riser

Dec 06, 2004, under Drinks

Perfect for those lazy Sunday morning in the summer. Very refreshing! If you want to buy the Lychee Red or Soursop Black Tea, visit our website We have 150+ kinds of tea at the […]

Iced Jasmine Oolong Tea

Dec 01, 2004, under Drinks

Refreshing and very easy to make, iced tea is a great summer thirst quencher. Use this recipe and change the tea to suit your taste. No need to chill the tea in advance. Green tea […]

Iced Lemonade Tea

Dec 01, 2004, under Drinks

Zingy and refreshing, this iced tea is a breeze to make. Great tea to go with your barbeque! The suggested Tea ingredients are available at our website at    

Iced Assam Tea

Dec 01, 2004, under Drinks

Assam has a malty taste and with its full body flavour, it lends itself well to making milk tea. The sweetened condensed milk gives a smooth caramelly touch to this summer favourite. Get Assam Black […]

Icecream Tea

Dec 01, 2004, under Drinks

Tea doesn’t need to be proper! Try this naughty treat this summer! The ingredients for Ice Cream Tea are available at our website. Visit us at

Lovers’ Fruit Punch

Nov 26, 2004, under Drinks

This is a beautiful and delicious summer drink. It tastes very much like the fruit punch I used to have when I lived in Hong Kong. Non alcoholic which makes it a great fruit punch […]


Nov 24, 2004, under Drinks

This is recreated from the fond memory of a rich thickshake I had in Auckland (New Zealand) many years ago. The recipe is for 2 glasses of milkshake. Alter the amount of milk and ice […]

Stretched Almond Tea

Nov 24, 2004, under Drinks

Have you tried the stretched tea from Malaysia? Stretched tea, sometimes called pulled tea, is a signature beverage which tips the tea from one jug to the other to aerate tea. Its effect is similar […]