Honey Garlic Green Tea Shrimp

Dec 13, 2004, under Food

Tea is not limited to be used as a drink! This recipe uses ground tea leaves to make a delicious Chinese seafood dish. Worth trying! Makes 4 servings: By The Associated Press, from ?Martin Yan […]

Hibiscus Jelly

Dec 13, 2004, under Food

Hibiscus has been used to treat indigestion, dissolve phlegm and lower cholestrol. Its infusion has a tangy taste and stunning ruby colour. it is great cocktail/mocktail ingredient!   If you want to order hibiscus, visit […]

Vanilla Black Tea Date Loaf

Dec 12, 2004, under Food

A moist cake that is easy AND QUICK to make. No eggs required. To purchase the ingredient Vanilla Black Tea, visit Teas.com.au Writer: teas.com.au

Lavender Icecream

Dec 12, 2004, under Food

The simple addition of the aromatic lavender makes a plain custard based icecream almost magical. Perhaps it brings back the sweet childhood memory…by a lavender cottage… Wonder what to do with remaining egg whites? Why […]

Lapsang Souchong Smoked Quail

Dec 12, 2004, under Food

Lapsang Souchong is one of the best tea to cook with. This Chinese black tea has a very strong aroma and best suited for smoking meat. For Lapsang Souchong ingredient, click the link.

Jasmine Congee with salted pork

Dec 12, 2004, under Food

Chinese has a comfort food equivalent to “western” chicken soup, and it is rice porridge (congee), or in Cantonese Chinese, “jook”. It is often eaten as breakfast or during poor appetite – may be due […]

Easy mini banana pull-apart roll

Dec 07, 2004, under Food

Great little dessert – not too sweet and it’s not too naughty! To buy Sweet Almond Black Tea just click the link.

Watermelon Lychee Tea Syrup Parfait

Dec 04, 2004, under Food

Enjoy this summer dessert with great colour layering and lovely taste! *Lychee Tea Syrup Lychee Red Black Tea is available at our website. Enjoy! Writer: Teas..com.au

Lemon Tea Biscotti

Nov 30, 2004, under Food

Biscotti is not reserved to pair up with coffee! Many loves a good biscotti with tea and this biscotti with a little zing is great as an after dinner snack with a good relaxing cuppa. […]

Lemon Delicious Jelly

Nov 30, 2004, under Food

Jello has always been a family summer favourite. Jazz up this classic favourite with diced seasonal fruit. No added colour! This red jello gets its colour from the hibiscus in the fruit infusion mix.  To […]

Lemony Lemongrass Icecream

Nov 29, 2004, under Food

This is by far the best icecream recipe we have tried without the use of an icecream machine. Very lemony and luciously smooth! It tastes the best same or next day.  Visit Teas.com.au for the […]

Matcha Green Tea Avocado Icecream

Nov 28, 2004, under Food, Tea Recipes

Avocado icecream seems kind of “out there” but this one is really quite refreshing! Up the lemon juice by about 1 tablespoon if you like it more zesty. The Matcha green tea cuts the heaviness […]

Matcha Egg White Mini Muffin

Nov 26, 2004, under Food, Tea Recipes

A yolk free muffin with a touch of Matcha green tea. This muffin has a sticky top and it’s fantastic to go with, what else, but a good cup of Japanese Bancha green tea? You […]

Lychee Tea Syrup

Nov 26, 2004, under Food

Easy to make and it’s a little like caramel sauce but with the goodness of tea. Give it a try!     If you want to purchase Lychee Red Black Tea head over to our website. […]

Matcha Pancake Roll

Nov 24, 2004, under Food, Tea Recipes

A little slice of heaven! This is so indulgent but in such small portion, one is certainly allowed to be naughty! Serve 1-2  Teas.com.au offers the Matcha Green Tea ingredient for Matcha Pancake Roll

Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cup Cake

Nov 23, 2004, under Food

Give your usual choc chip cake an oriental touch! Yummy stuff for breakfast with a nice cup of Ceylon black tea! Matcha Green Tea ingredient is available at Teas.com.au and make this delicious Matcha White […]

Oolong Koeksister (deep fried bread)

Nov 21, 2004, under Food

In South Africa, there is a sweet pastry known as a “koeksuster” (literally translated as “cake sister” and pronounced “cook-sister”). It is like sweet deep fried bread and is often enjoyed during Easter. We have […]

Oolong Lemon Pudding Cake

Nov 18, 2004, under Food

Super lemony, this light cake has a layer of golden baked cake on the top and devilish lemon pudding at the bottom with the goodness of oolong. Buy the ingredients at our website Teas.com.au   […]

Noodles with Jasmine Green tea broth

Nov 18, 2004, under Food

Upgrade your instant noodles to the “foodie” status in a zip with this recipe! Green tea with Jasmine available to order on Teas.com.au

Oolong Jelly

Nov 17, 2004, under Food

Have a totally guilt-free dessert this summer! Oolong is known for slimming, and with ever so little bit of sugar, who can say no to this lite dessert! To buy Formosa Green Jade visit our […]