What is English Breakfast Tea

Organic English Breakfast

Organic English Breakfast

In the above video: Hi, Salina from Teas.com.au. Irish breakfast, English breakfast, Australian breakfast, Scottish breakfast?

Hmmm… I think there are a few more?

Sydney breakfast, Melbourne breakfast… Well look, you know, My Breakfast, I breakfast… 🙂

There are so many kind of English breakfast tea or breakfast tea, in fact. People do ask us, why there are so many of them?

Well, I would tell you that it starts with English breakfast and there are variations.

The name no longer really implies much, it’s really just a name. If you feel like calling yours, ummm, I don’t know, ummm… 🙂 “my unusual breakfast”, whatever you want to call it. 🙂

Basically, breakfast just simply gives you an implication that it is a black tea that you can add milk and sugar to it, if you so prefer.


Irish Breakfast

It has a good balance between aroma, strength and tea flavour.

Having said that, it does not really necessarily guarantee it, nowadays, with all this creative variations.

The few more talked about common ones are, English breakfast (obviously), Irish breakfast (which is a little more chopped up, a little bit stronger than English breakfast), then Scottish breakfast (which is again a little bit stronger and a little bit more chopped up).

But again, this really is no longer any sort of markers as such that can guarantee anything in particular because, even with English breakfast.

Our English breakfast is kind of chopped up but I have seen quite large leaf ones and I have certainly seen much lower grade ones that are tiny cuts which they actually call “dust” in the industry.

So, there you have it, I mean it’s just really not a specific enough of indication, the best thing to do is to look at the photos of the product and it you are not sure, ask your tea supplier.

Don’t hesitate to find out more about it, before you make the decision of which breakfast tea is your breakfast tea.

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